Alta vista italia

But still, I would think of him I would cherish his image in my mind; and treasure every word, look, and gesture that my memory could retain; and brood over his excellences and his peculiarities, and, in fact, all I had seen, heard, or imagined respecting him. Agnes, this alta vista italia air and change of scene do you no good, I think I never saw you look so wretched. It must be that you sit too much, and allow the cares of the schoolroom to worry you. You must learn to take things easy, and to be more active and cheerful; you must take exercise whenever you can get it, and leave the alta vista italia tiresome duties to me they will only serve to exercise my patience, and, perhaps, try my temper a little. So said my mother, as we sat at work one morning during the Easter holidays. I assured her that my employments were not at all oppressive; that I was well; or, if there was anything amiss, it would be gone as soon as the trying months of spring were over when summer came I should be as strong and hearty as she could wish to see me but inwardly her observation startled me. I knew my alta vista italia was declining, my appetite had failed, and I was grown listless and desponding;-and if, alta vista italia, he could never care for me, and I could never see him more-if I was forbidden to minister to his happiness-forbidden, for ever, to taste the joys of love, to bless, and to be blessed-then, life must be a burden, and if my heavenly Father would call me away, I should be glad to rest. But it would not do to die and leave my mother.
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